Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In...

A little gift for my blog readers that ventures outside of my writing, just a tad. Earlier this year my son had a school assignment on the explorer John Cabot. While researching the good explorer, we stumbled upon a replica of his ship, a reproduction of a 15th century caravel, christened the Matthew. (You can read about Cabot and the Matthew here.)
I got it in my head to create a paper model of the Matthew... and here is the result!

I think it looks rather spiffy, if I say so myself.

So as a Christmas gift to you, here are three caravels in PDF (Acrobat Reader) format that you can build— includinga 15th Century English Caravel in the Matthew's colors, a pirate version, and a version that lets you add whatever colors you like! You can find them all (and the instructions for building them) here.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

--- Howard Shirley


Anonymous said...

Hello, Very nice ships for a school project. I found them through a link to - sadly, the link to the files for downloading all return 404 errors. I guess your links were moved or removed? Best, Ric Walters

Howard Shirley said...

Oops. I recently did some work on the server where the model files are stored and apparently inadvertently removed them. I'll correct the error. Thank you for letting me know!

(See, it helps to leave comments!)

Howard Shirley said...

Having had a second look, it appears all the links are fine from the blog. You might want to try again.