Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mars Day!*

In honor of the day:

A Martian from Hellas Planetia
said to Viking, "I'm sure please to meet ya!"
The probe fell on his head,
which made him turn red
and shout, "Next time, I'll just plan to eat ya!"

--- Howard Shirley

(I wrote this a few years back and posted it on the 'Net. Sometime later I ran across a reference that makes me think it found its way to NASA, but I was never certain. So if you're at NASA and wondered where this one came from, you now know to blame me.)

*Yeah, I know it's actually "Earth Day." But what about the other planets? Why is it fair for only Earth to have a day? So I'm taking the hint from a private forum I'm a member of and celebrating Mars Day.** (Sorry, I can't give a link. Forum rules.)

** Okay, so actually I don't have any limericks about Earth.

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