Monday, March 17, 2008

Story Starter Challenge #3

So, have you written anything lately? Need a kickstart? Here's another image for you.

What's most significant about this image is that there is a person. You cannot have a story without a person.

That doesn't mean your person has to be human, or even alive. Stories have been written about rabbits, dogs, rats, trains, cars, robots and even a toy canoe. But even if you write a story about a rock, in very short order you will discover that your rock gains personality, purpose, even dreams; it becomes a person.

So, back to the image. Here we have a place, a person, and an action (running).

Who is this person? Is it a he or she? (You decide.) What is the person's name? (You decide.) How old? (You decide.)

Where is this taking place? (You decide, of course!) When?

What is the structure?

And, of course, why is the person running?

There, I've given you a start. Look back at the other story starters (#1 and #2). Maybe you can combine these ideas. (Hey, if I saw a skull hanging in the trees in a strange wood, I might have a reason to run...)

As always, there is no right or wrong choice; just the one that makes your story better.

--- Howard Shirley

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